Summer News : 5 Steps for Battling Fleas

Warm sun. A nice breeze blowing. Ah the sites and smells of summer! Unfortunately summer is flea season (yikes!) even for indoor kitties, which is why we've compiled a list of 5 Steps for Battling Fleas.

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"A cat can purr its way out of anything."      - Donna McCrohan

1. Indoor Cats Get Fleas Too!

This year we've noticed a lot of our beloved indoor cats getting fleas! Fleas are sneaky little buggers, and they are tiny enough to fit through screens and cracks in your apartment. Also, fleas sometimes hitch a ride on our clothing to sneak inside. So if you haven't already, now is the time to start your kitty on a monthly preventative.

2. Beware of Generic Flea Medications

Many of the generic flea medications at Costco, WalMart etc... use older techniques for flea control. Unfortunately, many flea populations have developed resistance to these once powerful products. Others use pesticides that aren't the safest for cats. We have used Revolution and Cheristan for years, and found the safe and effective on our own cats.

3. Fleas Reproduce and Spread Like Crazy!

It's important to handle a flea problem the second you notice it! Fleas multiply at an alarming rate, and the fleas you see on your cat represent only about 5-10% of the fleas in the environment. Best way to tackle the problem? We'll help with the kitty, you handle the house! Drop off your kitty in the morning for a Premium Flea Treatment, then spend the day cleaning the house (what fun!) 1. Run the bedding/curtains/towels through a wash and dryer cycle 2. Vacuum carpets and couches - a cheap flea collar can be placed in the vacuum cleaner's bag / container to take care of any eggs that might be sucked up! 3. Mop down wood floors.  We also recommend purchasing a treatment or premise spray to get all the nooks and crannies.

4. Flea Cause More Than Discomfort

Flea can also cause skin allergies, tapeworms (intestinal parasites passed to your kitty through flea larvae) and anemia (because fleas feed off your cat's blood supply it's possible, if the flea infestation is severe enough, for your cat to become anemic).

5. Become a Flea Detective.

Is your kitty scratching? Scratching is the most obvious sign your kitty may have fleas, but you can also look for flea dirt, which is actually dried blood discarded from the flea - flea poop essentially (yeah we went there). It usually looks like black pepper and can be found in your kitty's coat or on a couch or blanket. Another tool, used by the most advanced flea detectives, is a flea comb, which is much finer than a regular brush. Even the most inconspicuous flea won't stand a chance.  

* Our 3 Step Premium Flea Treatment includes a Capstar to kill live fleas, an All-Natural Oatmeal Bath to clean up, and a Cheristan application (a month long preventative)