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Nob Hill Cat Clinic

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Our Feline Friendly Staff


Dr. Grace Carter


Dr. Carter grew up on a farm in Illinois with cats, dogs, cows, pigs, and chickens. She studied biology and biochemistry before moving to the Bay Area to work in the biotechnology industry. After a few years in biotech, she went to veterinary school at UC Davis. Dr. Carter practiced in the Sacramento area before returning to the bay area.  She enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with friends.  She lives with a geriatric house panther named Pretty Girl.

Rachel B joined us in 2015. She has been in the veterinary field for many years and loves kitties! She has one son and has a newborn baby girl! She enjoys fine cuisine (so umami!) and classic orchestrals. She often goes kayaking in Monterey Bay, visiting the otters and sea lions! Her personality shines through brightly and she can charm the pants off as horse.  


Michelle moved to San Francisco from the Chicago area in 2016, and joined us pursuing her career in animal care. She absolutely adores the fluffy friends that visit the clinic. She was heartbroken when she had to leave her kitties in Chicago, but she finds solace with our patients. She also loves pet sitting! Any chance to snuggle a fluff!  In her spare time she volunteers at Marine Mammal Center helping to rehabilitate seals and sea lions.


Allyson jumped into our team Summer of 2020. She’s working part time as she goes to school to get her RVT license. She’s hoping the kittens love her as much as she loves the kittens!


Hi! My name is Ninah! I’ve worked in the Veterinary Field (in Santa Cruz) for 8 years (mostly in Specialty and ER Care). In 2014 I took a break to be a Human Nurse, but fell back into the Animal World after moving back to S.F. last year. I’m so happy to have joined Nob Hill Cat Clinic. The Dr.’s are great and the Nurses are amazing. Cats are so incredible with their personalities, we love all of them!


Anna has a lifelong love of animals. She’s interested in history, theater, music, any almost anything written about in books. She transferred here from the SPCA August of 2019.


David has been working at in the veterinary field since 1999. He started at the Berkeley Humane Society shelter many years ago, and hasn’t looked back! He received his RVT license in 2009. He’s been working as a technician at Nob Hill Cat Clinic since 2015; now he’s also office manager. In his spare time, he enjoys watching bad movies with his wife, reading, leatherworking, sewing, medieval/fantasy reenactment, and generally geeking out.