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Our Feline Friendly Staff



Dr. Grace Carter (Owner)


Dr. Carter grew up on a farm in Illinois with cats, dogs, cows, pigs, and chickens. She studied biology and biochemistry before moving to the Bay Area to work in the biotechnology industry. After a few years in biotech, she went to veterinary school at UC Davis. Dr. Carter practiced in the Sacramento area before returning to the bay area.  She enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with friends.  She lives with a geriatric house panther named Pretty Girl.


Dr. Taylor Wallace


Dr. Wallace is a graduate from Washington University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She has shared her life with cats since childhood and finds great joy in guiding cat lovers to maximize their cats’ well-being and happiness.  Outside of practice, Dr. Wallace enjoys travel, hiking, singing professionally, and engaging with cats as often as possible.


Dr. Claudine Gonzales


Dr. Gonzales is a graduate of the U.C. Davis College of Veterinary Medicine where she received the Outstanding Senior Award from the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Prior to attending veterinary school she had many years’ experience as a veterinary technician and in other animal care environments. Dr. Gonzales is a long-time cat lover and is sensitive to the needs of cats as individuals, pets and patients. She shares her home with several cat family members.


Rachel B


Rachel B joined us in 2015. She has been in the veterinary field for many years and loves kitties! She has one son and has a newborn baby girl! She enjoys fine cuisine (so umami!) and classic orchestrals. She often goes kayaking in Monterey Bay, visiting the otters and sea lions! Her personality shines through brightly and she can charm the pants off as horse.  




Michelle joined Nob Hill Cat Clinic in September 2016 as a veterinary assistant.  She quickly fell in love with working with cats and has developed a strong bond with her work family over the years.  When Michelle first came to San Francisco from Chicago she did not have any personal pets but got plenty of kitty snuggles at work and during her cat sitting jobs which she did on occasion.  In 2021 she adopted a very happy, little special needs dog named Duke.  In her free time, Michelle enjoys cuddling with Duke in bed while binging Netflix and working on various craft projects.




Allyson jumped into our team Summer of 2020. She’s working part time as she goes to school to get her RVT license. She’s hoping the kittens love her as much as she loves the kittens!




Ninah has worked in the veterinary field since 2006, first at the Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital before working at AIMSS in San Francisco. Ninah joined Nob Hill Cat Clinic in August of 2018 as a client and patient service representative, most recently becoming manager of our wonderful client services team. She has always enjoyed being a communication liaison for pet parents and providing the best care for our NHCC kitty patients. During her free time, she loves to lounge with her 16-year-old cat, Shaolynn. She likes to work on jigsaw puzzles while Shaolynn insists on napping on top of them. Ninah is also a big Warriors fan!




Anna has a lifelong love of animals and has been working in the animal care industry since 2014. She transferred here from the SPCA August of 2019. She’s interested in history, theater, music, any almost anything written about in books.




David has been working at in the veterinary field since 1999. He started at the Berkeley Humane Society shelter many years ago, and hasn’t looked back! He received his RVT license in 2009. He’s been working as a technician at Nob Hill Cat Clinic since 2015; now he’s also office manager. In his spare time, he enjoys watching bad movies with his wife, reading, leatherworking, sewing, medieval/fantasy reenactment, and generally geeking out.




Hi! My name is Ashley. I have been working in the field since 2018 and received my RVT license in 2019. I am also Feline Friendly certified! I love all things cats and working with them brings me joy (especially the spicy ones & geriatric kitties!). In my free time, I enjoy watching my favorite shows and doing self care. If you bring your white kitty or tuxedo, I might steal them…!




Erik joined our team in February 2022. He has been working in the veterinary field since 2020. Erik is the proud parent of two cats, Gizmo and Piper. When he’s not working with our furry friends he can be found oil painting, cooking, and playing guitar.




My name is Rebecca! My whole life I have loved animals. I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of raising a kitten from a tiny baby into adulthood by adopting two sweet girls, Bella and Cinnamon. I started my vet med career about two years ago in an emergency clinic and immediately fell in love with the connections I was able to make with families and their fur babies. At Nob Hill I am happy to help you and your fur families live happy and healthy lives.




Stephanie joined the Nob Hill Cat Clinic team in February 2022. While she is new to the veterinary field, she has a lot of experience provinding support for others and was formerly a classroom teacher. She loves animals and hopes to one day have a furry highland cow. She is a pet parent to her cat Poe and her dog Howl.