Do You Buy Holiday Gifts for Your Cats?

If you buy holiday gifts for your cats, you're not alone!

Last year, Vetstreet surveyed 767 cat-owning readers to find out whether or not they purchase holiday gifts for their animals. Out of those in a cat-only household, 54% responded with a resounding, "Always!" and another 36% said they sometimes do. That's 90% of you cat lovers who give holiday gifts to your pets!

The survey also discovered that when kitty wakes up on Christmas morning, he or she will most likely find treats and toys under the tree, followed by new beds, scratching posts, and even holiday-themed costumes. Santa Claws is pretty generous too. 50% of gifts cost between $10 to $25, and a lucky 2% surpass $100!

Of course, none of this surprises us at all. Our cats are family, right? Everyone here at NHCC loves to spoil our kitties way too much. So, whatever your plans for the holidays, we hope it will involve a lot of snuggling with your favorite felines — because that's what we'll be doing! 

From all of us at NHCC, best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with good health and pawsitivity. Have a Merry Catmas!