Products We Love! Pet Cams

Heading out of town for the holidays?

The holidays are here, which means trips to see friends and family out of town. We’re excited for all the kitties staying with us (The Nob Hill Cat Inn is completely booked!) but if your kitty is keeping cozy at home with a cat sitter or neighbor there is a way to check in on that ridiculously adorable face. Introducing the pet cam! Being the most technology driven city in the country if anywhere is going to have pet cams it’s going to be us!

Modern pet cams allow you to stream live footage of your kitty to your computer, tablet or cell phone. Not only will it be a great thing to have this holiday while you’re out of town, but it will be useful year round – while you’re at work, waiting for your Uber, out with friends or family. Just think of the possibilities! Instead of whipping out your phone to show a cute photo of your cat you can whip out your phone and show them what your cat is doing at that exact moment!

So which cat cam should you get?

Below are our two favorites

Cost: One camera set up is $129.99

Streams right to your smart phone
Automatically records when motion is detected
No wires or software necessary

Cost: One camera set up for $199

130 degrees field of view so you can capture an entire room
You can get emails or push notifications when the camera detects motion
Has zoom ability