Grow These Plants to Make Your Cat Happy

April showers bring May flowers, and California has already seen quite a lot of rain this year. Now is the time to plan your garden. Even if you only have access to a balcony, don’t let that stop you. Potted plants and railing planters can turn a bare balcony into a forest retreat. But we’re not going to talk about boring strawberries and overdone succulents. Instead, here are three plants that will make your cats purr with happiness:

Catnip: Crush its stems and leaves to release an aroma that will drive your cat crazy. Not every cat is susceptible to this euphoria inducing plant but if you’re lucky enough to have a cat who is, a tiny sprinkle will go a long way. Once harvested and dried, catnip can be stored in the freezer to make it last year round.

Catmint: It’s related to catnip but it’s not the same. Since catmint is a pretty hardy plant, it does well in both pots and backyards. You can drink it as a tea while your cat enjoys the aroma released from a freshly cut sprig. Keep in mind that while the plant may be safe for cats, mint-flavored products like toothpastes or candies are not.

Cat Grass: You can buy a small pot at most pet stores or you can grow your own from wheat, barley, or oat seeds. Cats are instinctively drawn to it but we’re not entirely sure why. Many animal behaviorists believe it’s a source of fiber to help with hairballs. Cat grass also contains various minerals and vitamins that can be beneficial for kitty’s health. It must be pretty tasty too.