Dental Awareness Month!

Dental disease is extremely common in pets, with over 70% of cats having significant dental disease by the age of 3. A full dental prophylaxsis, under anesthesia, is recommended routinely to help prevent advancement of dental disease. Similar to an iceberg, only part of the tooth shows, with the roots going deep into the underlying tissues where most of the harm occurs. Dental radiographs, or x-rays, are necessary to detect any changes to the internal structure and roots of the teeth. Those offering anesthesia-free dentals do not proficiently clean the rear teeth or below the gingival line, leaving bacteria to fester and grow.

Dental disease effects more than just the teeth. It can introduce dangerous bacteria into the bloodstream, causing infection and even weakening of the heart! One of the simplest things you can do to help prevent disease between cleanings is by brushing the teeth daily. However, we realize we can only do so much with our feline friends. If they tolerate brushing enough, even 3 times a week would be considerable in the fight against dental disease.

Proper dental hygiene, along with prophylaxis procedures, can really help our kitties live longer, fuller, healthier lives!

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