Considering a Non-Anesthetic Dental

There has been a growing trend over recent years of non-anesthetic dental cleanings being offered through pet stores and grooming salons. We strongly recommend using caution when considering these services. We are not implying that there is anything wrong with these services or companies. We even perform non-anesthetic cleanings here at Nob Hill Cat Clinic.

We just want you to be aware that non-anesthetic dental cleanings are very superficial and cosmetic. Your cat’s teeth will look clean and their breath may be better, but nothing has been done to address your cat’s actual dental health. The bacteria that lives under and around the gum line will still be present and continue to do damage. And just like in your own mouth, damaged gums and tooth roots cause pain for your cat.

Scaling plague and tartar off the teeth is only a small portion of the full anesthetic dental cleaning. When we put your cat under anesthesia for a dental cleaning we are able to perform a full service cleaning. We are able to evaluate each tooth for abnormalities such as pockets, cracks, breaks, or infection. We also have the capability to x-ray questionable teeth for further evaluation, and pull teeth as needed. Having a bad tooth removed will make a cat much more comfortable.

Maintaining a healthy, clean mouth for your cat is one of the most important preventative healthcare measures that you can take. Dental disease can have negative affects throughout your cat’s entire body.

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