Boarding at Nob Hill Cat Inn

Planning a weekend getaway this summer? Book your kitty a spot at the Nob Hill Cat Inn. The staff here gives extra love and attention to boarding kitties to ensure they feel at home while you’re away.

The Benefits of Boarding Your Kitty at Nob Hill Cat Inn

  1. Our technicians closely monitor your cat, tracking appetite, weight, urination and defecation, as well as anxiety and general appearance and attitude. They will bring any behavioral or physical concerns directly to a doctor.
  2. At the Nob Hill Cat Inn your cats are being cared for by experienced vet techs. They have knowledge of any medications or treatments that your cat may need while boarding.
  3. Our staff already knows your cat! We know that “Sadie” has arthritis and needs extra blankets. We know that “Solo” likes to burrow.
  4. Our boarding ward is located in a separate upstairs area. All kitties are provided with clean blankets, fresh water, litter boxes and of course lots of love. Each staff member here loves spending time with the boarding kitties.
  5. We feed according to your schedule and are happy to accommodate any special needs.
  6. We closely monitor for fleas. We check each kitty at arrival and treat with flea medication immediately if we see any evidence of fleas.
  7. One stop shop! If your pet needs an exam, vaccines, a recheck exam, blood work or other treatments, we can take care of it while he/she is boarding.
  8. You may also request bathing before your cat goes home so he/she is fluffy and smelling sweet when you pick up.

Keeping in mind summer weekends fill up quickly so give us a call to reserve a spot as soon as you know your dates!