Black Cats are PURRfect!

Fear of black cats originated in Western history 1600-1700s. When the pilgrims came to America they brought with them a deep-seated fear of black cats, thinking they were couriers or aides to the devil/demons. To this day, the black cat is widely recognized as bad luck or as a bad omen. Some shelters refuse to adopt out black cats around Halloween, fearing that these cats will be used as props and decorations. Other shelters embrace the holiday and offer special adoption arrangements for our melanin-filled feline friends. There are over 22 breeds of cat that can have the full black coloring we love so much. Some black cats have deep yellow or gold eyes due to the amount of melanin they have!

The mythology of black cats differs for each country. In the UK and Japan, these cats are considered lucky and they will grant you good fortune. If one wanders up to you and enters into your home, it is said that you will have great prosperity.

So, if you see a black cat looking spooky, thank it for gracing you with its presence and smile because you just got really lucky!


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