15% off Grooming Services this December!

Nob Hill Cat Clinic December Grooming Special

For the most part, cats are able to adequately attend to their own hygiene needs. However, age, fleas, and special circumstances may call for a little human intervention. Nob Hill Cat Clinic offers a variety of grooming options to keep your feline friend looking and feeling their very best. Grooming services are 15% off during the month of December!


Many cats require regular brushing, especially long and medium haired breeds. Your feline friend may develop mats, a dense, extensive knot in the fur. Mats often form on areas of the body that are difficult for you or your pet to reach, and this may make them less noticeable at first. Unfortunately, if not addressed early, mats can become impossible to comb out and shaving may be necessary.

Regular comb-outs keep your pet comfortable and prevent the oil and dander buildup associated with matting. Our staff can recommend a comb-out schedule based on your cat’s individual coat.

Nail Trims

Trimming nails can be an intimidating task for pet owners. Many cats are uncooperative or unused to having their nails clipped. Our practiced staff are able to trim your pet’s nails quickly and safely, minimizing anxiety.

Regularly trimming your cat’s nails keeps them from growing into their paw pads, a painful and potentially dangerous event. It also helps save your furniture and, quite possibly, your skin. We recommend trimming your pet’s nails every 4-6 weeks. However, every pet is different and may require more frequent or infrequent grooming attention.

Nob Hill Cat Clinic also offers Soft Paws application and maintenance. Soft Paws are small, plastic caps that fit over your cat’s trimmed nail. They come in a wide range of colors and designs and adhere to your cat’s nails with a non-toxic adhesive.


Anal Gland Expression

Cats have two, small pea-sized sacs known as anal glands. Anal glands contain a heavily-scented liquid that is unique to your pet. Your cat has their own signature scent! Usually, your cat expresses a small amount of fluid each time they defecate. They may also express their anal glands when frightened.

Unfortunately, anal glands can become blocked or inflamed. If your cat is scooting or licking their rear end excessively, they may need help expressing their anal glands. However, some affected cats may not show obvious signs of distress, so regular veterinary checkups can illuminate potential problems. Expressing anal glands helps alleviate discomfort and prevent further blockage.

Expressing anal glands can be a rather smelly and uncomfortable experience for both you and your pet. Nob Hill Cat Clinic staff can ensure expression is as quick and low-stress as possible.


Baths are an excellent option for cats that may have difficulty grooming themselves due to age, weight, or other physical circumstances. They can also be helpful when your pet gets into a bit of mischief or has fleas.

We use a gentle shampoo, curated especially for cats. Your pet is sure to come out smelling and feeling like the best version of themselves.

bath cat 3.jpg

Lion Shaves

Lion shaves involve shaving a cat’s coat with the exception of their mane, face, feet, and tail tip. The end result is quite charming and prevents matting and excessive shedding. Lion shaves are a longer process and often require a day to complete.

Pair a lion shave with a bath, nail trim, or other services to maximize your cat’s visit with us!

Lion cut.jpg

Grooming is an important part of your cat’s overall health and well-being. An exam and FVRCP vaccine are also crucial to a cat’s health during their grooming stay and are required for grooming at Nob Hill Cat Clinic. Treat your cat to a spa day during the month of December and get 15% off grooming services!


-Kaitlin Murphy