Dr. Ruth Doe has always had a passion for animals and graduated from UC Davis. She has owned Nob Hill Cat Clinic since Fall of 1995. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, mountain biking and riding her horses.


Rachel B joined us in 2015. She has been in the veterinary field for many years and loves kitties! She has one son and has a newborn baby girl! She enjoys fine cuisine (so umami!) and classic orchestrals. She often goes kayaking in Monterey Bay, visiting the otters and sea lions! Her personality shines through brightly and she can charm the pants off as horse.  

en vogue

Michelle moved to San Francisco from the Chicago area in 2016, and joined us pursuing her career in animal care. She absolutely adores the fluffy friends that visit the clinic. She was heartbroken when she had to leave her kitties in Chicago, but she finds solace with our patients. She also loves pet sitting! Any chance to snuggle a fluff!  In her spare time she volunteers at Marine Mammal Center helping to rehabilitate seals and sea lions.


Celestina has been in veterinary medicine for 6 years - and loves working with animals! She's been with us since 2016. When she's not working, she's learning to cook new dishes and spending time with her new born daughter Zoë. She will soon become an RVT after many long years of anticipation. 


Kaitlin  is a recent college graduate hoping to pursue a career in medicine. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes, but has a special place in her heart for critters of the feline persuasion. She enjoys writing, noodling, skiing and teaching her two cats new tricks. She brings her exceptional kitty bribery skills to work with her each day.


Sara started at Nob Hill Cat Clinic in 2018, and is loving giving the kitties belly rubs!


Josh is a compassionate man who had many jobs, but found his love with kitties. He has 4 cats and 1 dog and a leopard crested gecko. Josh in his spare time enjoys water sports, hanging out with family including his adorable daughter and cooking for all his friends!  Kittens look so small in his hands! 


Joe started in the veterinary field years ago at PETS Emergency in Berkeley. Coming from emergency to general practice is quite the change, but he enjoys the opportunity to connect with clients in a different setting, and to develop those relationships with both the cats and the people they bring in. 


David has been working at in the veterinary field since 1999. He started at the Berkeley Humane Society shelter many years ago, and hasn’t looked back! He received his RVT license in 2009. In his spare time, he enjoys watching bad movies with his wife, reading, leatherworking, sewing, medieval/fantasy reenactment, and generally geeking out.