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Premium Flea Treatment

10 Things You Need to Know to Battle Fleas
Our premium flea treatment is a three step process to give your kitty a complete fresh start!
STEP ONE: Capstar ( to kill any live fleas)
STEP TWO: Bath time!
STEP THREE: Advantage (flea preventative; good for one month; recommend continued monthly use)


10% Off Blood Work

Receive 10% Baseline Blood Work or First time Senior Wellness Blood Work. Preventative Wellness Blood Work tells us invaluable information about your kitty’s health and enables our doctors to diagnose and treat illness in its earliest stages.


Weight Loss Challenge

We know chubby cats are fun to cuddle but it’s time to get serious about your kitty’s weight.
Kitty’s who take on the challenege receive

  • 1. A free weight loss kit
  • 2. A monthly weigh-in to check progress
  • 3. A complimentary Nail Trim or Teeth Brushing each month at weigh-in

    ** Winner receives 6 months supply of Metabolic Food and a free spa day at the clinic! Call or email to sign up! It’s free so no excuses!